Mission Statement

Club Mission Statement

  • Provide opportunities for athletes of all ages and encourage everyone to always do their best
  • Promote leadership opportunities and encourage athletes and coaches towards continuous improvement
  • Engage in the spirit of Fair Play and Sportsmanship at all times
  • Understand and always value the importance of working and acting as a team

Our club has a history of almost 50 years. Sackville Chebucto Athletics follows Athletics Canada’s long term athletic development model, as follows:

  1. Active Start
  2. FUNdamental
  3. Learning to Train
  4. Training to Train
  5. Learning to Compete
  6. Training to Compete
  7. Learning to Win
  8. Participate in a Winning Culture
  9. Learning to Deal with Adversity
  10. Active for Life

More information is available here: https://athletics.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/LTAD_EN.pdf

Coaches Commitment

  • We encourage everyone to experience the joy as they travel along the journey toward excellence
  • We assist everyone to define their commitment
  • We help athletes understand the connection between attitude and success
  • We pledge to do our best and insist that athletes follow the same example
  • We assist our athletes in setting appropriate goals and help refine them as they move forward

Athletes Commitment

  • Focus on the tasks within their event rather than becoming overly focused on the results
  • Recognize the opportunities to learn valuable life lessons
  • Understand that success comes with experience
  • Understand that mistakes will happen and view them as opportunities to learn
  • Always bring energy and focus to their club sponsored events
  • Acknowledge volunteers in their sport and when possible take time to give back
  • Share in the growth of the club
  • Most important of all, understand that the activity they are engaged in is supposed to be fun